Our Neighborhood

An Epicenter of Exploration

Plunge into Tallahassee’s vibrant core. All that defines this city’s charm is just a heartbeat away.

At Onyx, your address is more than just a place to call home - it's a passport to the city's most captivating experiences. Embrace the energy of the local community, indulge in its rich culture, and engage with its history.

Your Gateway to Tallahassee Adventures

Onyx offers a harmonious mix of culture and connectivity. With Florida State University and its rich academic heritage a stone’s throw away, you’re superbly situated to relish the lively walkable community and the serene beauty of nature, all within a brief bike ride or drive.

FSU Campus

At Onyx, you’re positioned at the gateway to Florida State University’s expansive and lively campus. Within close reach, a brisk walk or a brief bike ride unveils the pulse of academic excellence and lively student life. FSU’s world of opportunities is always at your fingertips.

Bike: 4 minutes | Car: 2 minutes

College Town

Dive into the vibrant heart of College Town, located conveniently close to Onyx. It’s more than just a collection of eateries and shops; it’s where memories are made. From late-night study sessions at local cafes to celebrating milestones at popular hangouts, College Town is an FSU student’s playground.

Bike: 8 minutes | Car: 5 minutes

Doak S. Campbell Stadium

Feel the electrifying energy of game day! Located just minutes away from Onyx, Doak S. Campbell Stadium stands as a beacon of school spirit and tradition. Join the sea of garnet and gold, cheer for the Seminoles, and immerse yourself in the unparalleled camaraderie that only college football can offer.

Bike: 4 minutes | Car: 5 minutes


Places to Love

Here are some of our favorite local spots, from small shops to chic new restaurants. Go explore – and let us know yours!

Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille

Hip spot fixing up New Orleans-inspired fare, from jambalaya to signature cocktails.


La Florida Coffee & Wine

Located in the heart of downtown Tallahassee, La Florida merges rustic elegant vibes with freshly baked, locally made nourishment.


Friendly Shores Seafood & Grill

For those looking for a delightful variety of dishes, Friendly Shores Seafood & Grill is highly recommended.