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A young man taking a bite of an ice cream cone as a young woman holding a cone watches and smiles.

Keep Cool With Frozen Treats From These 4 Spots Near FSU


There are a lot of great ways to beat the Florida heat – like the resort-style rooftop pool at Onyx, for instance. But sometimes the only thing that will do is something tasty and frozen. On those days, check out these four spots conveniently located near Florida State University.

Grab a Scoop at Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

Head over to West Tharpe Street for some of the freshest ice cream in Tallahassee. Bruster’s waffle cones are epic and baked onsite, and you can choose from a variety of unique flavors like Almond Divinity, an almond-flavored ice cream with almonds and marshmallows, and Graham Canyon, flavored with graham crackers, caramel swirls, and chocolate-covered toffee. They also carry frozen yogurt and dairy-free options, and you can order shakes and sundaes if you want a little variety.

Scale a Yogurt Mountain

Whoever came up with the name Yogurt Mountain wasn’t kidding around. This frozen treat shop is famous for serving up literal mountains of frozen yogurt in each bowl. They’re so tall, you’ll have to eat yours fast to keep it from melting. And if that’s not enough, each frozen dessert can be covered with an array of toppings of your choice, including fruit, granola, candy, and chocolate.

Cool Down With Ryders Water Ice

This is absolutely perfect for those days when you just want something light and fresh. Ryders Water Ice is dairy-free, gluten-free, and contains no eggs or nuts. It’s not coarse like shaved ice. Instead, it’s smooth – much like ice cream. Try classic fruit flavors like lemonade, pineapple, mango, and cherry, as well as fun flavors like bubblegum and cotton candy.

Dive Into a Sugar Rush Shake

Sugar Rush Milkshake Bar elevates the classic milkshake into an art form. Thanks to the towering treats that top these shakes, you won’t be able to get through one of them without a straw and a spoon. Be sure to try their Oreo-ology with cookies n’ cream ice cream, vanilla icing dipped in chocolate crunch, and a giant Oreo cookie on top.

For more cool places around FSU and the Onyx community to chill with friends, check out the Onyx Neighborhood page.


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