Some People Don’t Mind Roughing It

There are folks who don’t mind dorm life. Who don’t see anything wrong with two people living in glorified storage closets. Who think a bathroom is the kind of place to be shared with fifteen of their closest strangers. There’s a place for those people– it’s called a dorm.

Others Appreciate A Little More Polish

Then there are people who want more out of their college experience. Who appreciate not just living independently, but living exceptionally. Who value being right next to their school without having to be right next to their roommate’s bed. There’s a place for those people too– it’s called Onyx.

Welcome to Onyx

Onyx was designed to give students everything dorms don’t: a stylish, upscale living environment full of memorable experiences and full-scale amenities. But Onyx gives you more than just luxury housing– it gives you a community. Our residents are college students, so everything we offer is catered to your needs. Specialized study areas let you hit the books on your terms, while common areas like our game room, outdoor pool, and fitness center help you blow off steam when you’re done. If you’re studying at FSU, you can’t get much better than this.

Experience Onyx.
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